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  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Design and technological solutions
  • Engineering networks and systems
  • Planning document
  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures
  • Design and survey work
  • Estimates and construction organization design Special sections of project documentation : EIA ,
  • Environmental protection, civil defense and emergencies .
  • Technological design

Our Design Company

Y.V. Kositsky Central Design Company for Standard Design and Urban Development, Closed Joint-Stock Company, is a large design company acting as a general planner. Our company has accumulated vast experience in designing objects of various complexity and purpose; we have formed our own design style and personnel-training approach, based on the principles of high responsibility for our obligations, consistency of our actions and search for unconventional solutions.
The priority area of activity for our design company is comprehensive design of large urban planning objects (districts, microdistricts, and blocks of houses) with developed infrastructure. We are engaged in integrated planning of industrial enterprises, of all types of residential and municipal buildings of any complexity level, and fitting them with modern process equipment.
Our company comprises 11 architectural and construction workshops (residential and municipal buildings design, industrial facilities design, etc.), urban planning documentation development department, utility networks and utility constructions department, technology department, related engineering sections, http://www.rosmaket.ru model workshop, UKSKh-Proekt Design Organization (production plant design).

The architectural workshops of the company are engaged in:

Development of any stage of urban planning documentation:

Planning projects for residential (town), industrial, recreational and other functional zones;
Planning projects for districts, microdistricts and blocks of houses;
Detailed planning projects for parks, gardens and alleys;
(see details at http://www.genplan-citp.ru)

Designing multi-storied buildings and hotels:

Designing hotels of various categories and with different capacity;
Designing apartment buildings for various market price segments;
Comprehensive designing of cottage settlements with developed infrastructure.

Designing administrative buildings and constructions:

Designing educational establishments (kindergartens, schools, etc.);
Designing office and multi-functional complexes with various number of floors and of different designation;
Designing sport facilities (stadiums, swimming pools, etc.);
Designing entertainment facilities and constructions (theatres, cinemas and concert halls, etc.);
Designing trade centres (shopping malls, department stores).


Comprehensive planning of industrial areas (technological parks and industrial hubs).
Designing warehouse facilities (terminals, warehouses, centres, etc.)
Designing industrial enterprises (of various functional)
Designing workshops (process line sections, process equipment elements)
Designing equipment and material production facilities
Designing garages and garage complexes

designorganizationrendersthefollowingindividual design services:
1. Development of “P” and “RD” stage design documentation for multi-storeyed building design (over 75 m high).
2. Specialists from engineering departments can prepare separate sections of documentation.
3. Insolation calculation for both freestanding buildings and those included in a complex building development.
4. Development of cost estimate documentation at any design and construction stage (see details at www.smeta-citp.ru).
5. Production process planning.

Some special features of working with Y.V. Kositsky Central Design Company for Standard Design and Urban Development, Closed Joint-Stock Company:
1. We perform all design stages from rough plans to detailed design documentation, both independently and in cooperation with other design companies.
2. Design documentation is adjusted and customised in cooperation with representatives of Chinese, British, German and American companies (some specialists of our design company have been trained abroad).
3. For real estate development companies, our architectural visualization specialists in cooperation with the model workshop develop necessary presentation materials for preliminary evaluation and investment raising for real estate develioment projects (see visualization details at www.fortmaster.ru).

Superior quality of design documentation development, modern equipment, qualified specialists, and availability of our own computation centre allow preparing high-quality design and estimate documentation within a short timeline. We implement the most advanced design and engineering solutions. Our specialists employ hi-tech computer systems. The high quality of our work is achieved through professional personnel and an advanced management approach in the company.

Y.V. Kositsky Central Design Company for Standard Design and Urban Development, Closed Joint-Stock Company, has proven to be a reliable design organization and a qualified general planner open to any creative and mutually beneficial contacts. We
inviteyoutowork with us in search forcomprehensive solutions in design and construction issues. We are sure that our cooperation will besuccessful and fruitful.

Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions:

Tel.: +7 (495) 741-46-06


activity of the company is insured on 500 million rubles
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Our Projects

Our customers

  • district administrations , prefectures ;
  • Construction and operating functions of the customer ;
  • Development companies ;
  • Marketing agencies ;
  • Individual developers ;
  • Architectural offices and other companies operating in the field of architecture .

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