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  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Design and technological solutions
  • Engineering networks and systems
  • Planning document
  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures
  • Design and survey work
  • Estimates and construction organization design Special sections of project documentation : EIA ,
  • Environmental protection, civil defense and emergencies .
  • Technological design


The Model Workshop of MUS FortMaster Design Company offers services in the area of producing architectural scale models.

We shall be happy to embody your ideas in a miniature model. Besides complete projects which are modeled in accordance with the designs, we handle concept development, i.e. produce an exploratory model to simplify the general vision of the project.

We accept orders to produce models of buildings and facilities of any scale and of any complexity – architectural, town planning facilities, cottages and cottage groups, planning models, interiors.

Why is a model necessary?!

Originally, a model, i.e. a miniature copy of the object, is needed to check some architectural solutions, identify drawbacks, search for the rationality, expedience and perfection of the building which is being designed; as a rule, this is all handled by the architectural designer.

However, many years of experience show that it is promotion that makes the dominant purpose of a scale model!

For many of the construction investment companies and real estate agencies having a beautiful model of their object is nothing but necessity, because it can attract customers, new advantageous investors, and because it demonstrates the professionalism of the construction company. A scale model can also make a decent presentation of the organization at exhibitions.

For example: the scale model of the Onegin residential complex (developed by Baltijsky Monolit) is a promotional one and serves to attract apartment purchasers. Clients can see the specific placing (planning) of their apartments thanks to the detachable storeys and roof.

A direct three-dimensional miniature representation of the object makes it possible to communicate the idea of the composition of the architectural object, its characteristics and the architectural forms combination.

We use a vast range of materials: cardboard, acrylic plastic and other types of plastics. Model surface finishing, i.e. the texture of the roof and the facade, as well as the colour scheme, is selected upon agreement with the client.

The cost of producing an architectural scale model depends on its size (the surface to be processed), the category of complexity (facade and roof finishing, specification of architectural elements), the objective of the model – whether that is an exhibitory or an exploratory model


activity of the company is insured on 500 million rubles
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  • district administrations , prefectures ;
  • Construction and operating functions of the customer ;
  • Development companies ;
  • Marketing agencies ;
  • Individual developers ;
  • Architectural offices and other companies operating in the field of architecture .

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