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  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Design and technological solutions
  • Engineering networks and systems
  • Planning document
  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures
  • Design and survey work
  • Estimates and construction organization design Special sections of project documentation : EIA ,
  • Environmental protection, civil defense and emergencies .
  • Technological design


The MUS FortMaster General Layout Design Department offers the following design services:

· General layouts of towns and other settlements;
· Municipal and village boundaries projects;
· General layout of residential, industrial, recreational and other functional zones;
· Regional planning outlines;
Local planning projects;
General layout for cottage construction (cottage settlements draft planning);
· General layouts of parks and gardens;
· General layouts of community centres;
· General layouts of shopping centres;
· Concepts of cottage settlements and ‘gardening partnerships' territories;
· General layouts of industrial operations.

In our company general layouts are designed by a department of 8 specialists. Such number of specialists is comparable to the number of employees at general layout sections of design institutes. Many of our specialists have had many years of experience working at such well-known organizations as State Unitary Enterprise – Genplan Research and Design Institute ( ГУП НИиПИ Генплана ), House-Building Design and Technology Institute ( ООО Проектно - технологический институт домостроения ), State Unitary Enterprise MosGrazhdanProject ( ГУП МО МосГражданПроект ).

Our experience, professionalism, good organization and team spirit result in prompt and high-quality completion of assignments.

General layout documentation is drafted in compliance with the requirements of State Standards ( ГОСТ 's) and Construction Norms and Rules ( СНиП 's), as well as other related standards within the construction documentation system.

General layout documentation includes :

· General layout designs (the core ГП -type design set);
· Draft general view designs of non-standard articles, structures, units and minor architectural forms;
· Material needs statement;
· Construction and installation works volume statement.

General layout designs include :

· General design data;
· Situational plan;
· General plan;
· Layout plan;
· Relief organization plan (vertical planning project);
· Mass plan;
· Consolidated utility networks plan;
· Land improvement plan;
· Greenery planting plan;
· Detail sections (fragments, units);
· Transport traffic management plan.

As a rule, designs are based on the engineering topographic plan (except the mass plan).

Upon request of the client, it is possible to prepare individual designs from the set.

So that work on the assignment could be started, the following documents must be provided by the client:

· A document of title to land;
· Assignment to draft the territory planning and development design, which can be combined with the architectural planning assignment that had been reconciled with the architectural and town-planning authorities at local administration (MUS FortMaster provides assistance in drafting architectural planning assignments).
· Topographic survey, engineering geology survey (if necessary);
· Technical conditions for the engineering maintenance of the territory issued by appropriate authorities which are responsible for local utility networks exploitation (water supply, sewerage, electricity supply etc) The technical conditions can be obtained in the process of drafting the general layout.

Our company employees assist our clients in getting the general layouts approved.

· Draft territory planning and development design is subject to approval by architectural and town-planning authorities, environmental protection, institutions of the State Sanitary and Epidemiology Service, institutions of the State Fire Service and the Environmental Control.
· Organisations and institutions, to which the draft territory planning and development design is sent for reconciliation, give their approval or inform the owner and the designer on their comments within one month. Administration of the RF subjects and local authorities are entitled to set other approval terms.
· It is the design organization that is to defend the draft territory planning and development design, with the owner's assistance.
· Local administration considers the reconciled draft and approves it. The decision on approving the draft territory planning and development design is compulsory for execution.


Special features of the MUS FortMaster General Layout Department:

1. Significant experience in town-planning design at the RF regions, with regard to the local construction norms and rules.

2. It is possible to order documentation on certain types of work only. (For example, the Client can order just the general layout scheme so that the project could be preliminarily discussed with the Investor).

3. Regular consultancy assistance is provided throughout the period of reconciling the project. (All the necessary statutory documents are provided).

4. Specialists of the adjacent sections provide the Client with a free-of-charge cost estimate of comprehensive design of utility systems and objects of infrastructure.

5. Associated design documentation is produced within the following special sections: ОВОС , ООС , ГОиЧС , Desinfestation project, ПОД , ПОС .

6. The MUS FortMaster Architectural Visualization Department and Model Workshop provide the Client with all the necessary illustrative materials for promoting the project.

See details at www . gen - plan . ru

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialists at :(495)  741-46-06;


activity of the company is insured on 500 million rubles
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  • district administrations , prefectures ;
  • Construction and operating functions of the customer ;
  • Development companies ;
  • Marketing agencies ;
  • Individual developers ;
  • Architectural offices and other companies operating in the field of architecture .

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