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  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Design and technological solutions
  • Engineering networks and systems
  • Planning document
  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures
  • Design and survey work
  • Estimates and construction organization design Special sections of project documentation : EIA ,
  • Environmental protection, civil defense and emergencies .
  • Technological design


Environmental Impact Assessment ( ОВОС ) Section of Design Documentation

According to the RF Town-Planning Code (№ 73 ФЗ 1998), town-planning activities must comply with the established environmental requirements. Such requirements are met by means of completing the design documentation section entitled Environmental Impact Assessment ( ОВОС ).

ОВОС of intended business or other activities facilitates making an ecologically competent managerial decision regarding such activities, since it identifies the possible harmful effects, evaluates the ecological consequences, considers public opinion and works out measures to minimize and prevent adverse effects.

The environmental impact assessment of the object, done in the course of justifying the construction investments, precedes the decision on implementing the business project; it is completed so that the negative effects of the business activities be identified at the exploratory stage, and so that the possible degradation of the environment caused by the designed object could be prevented by means of special measures.

So that Environmental Impact Assessment ( ОВОС ) of the object be completed, the designer identifies:

ОВОС provides: information on the characteristics and the scale of environmental impact of the intended activity, alternatives to its implementation (including the “zero option”, i.e. cancellation of the project), evaluation of the ecological and related socio-economic and other consequences of the impact and importance of such consequences, the possibilities to minimize the influences; identification and consideration of public opinion..

The results of ОВОС are included in the documentation submitted to the State Environmental Expert Review ( ГЭЭ ).

Environmental Protection section ( ООС ) is developed within construction design documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Instructions on Procedures of Drafting, Reconciling, Approval and the Contents of Design Documentation on Construction of Industrial Operations, Buildings and Facilities, СНиП 11-01-95 . It is drafted on the basis of the approved construction feasibility study results, schemes and projects for municipal and locality regional planning, general layouts of industrial objects with regard to the requirements of the territorial environmental preservation schemes, multipurpose and water supply preservation water catchment basin schemes, as well as the materials of engineering ecological research supporting the project.

The ООС section of the design documentation must contain a set of measures and technical solutions aimed at preventing the negative environmental effects of constructing or placing the object (intended business activities).

When drafting the ООС section, all the major environmental protection solutions set out in ОВОС are completed and detalised. The ОВОС data should be compared to the parameters common in the design documentation.

The ООС section of the design documentation must contain a set of proposals on the rational use of natural resources in construction, and technical solutions to prevent the negative environmental influence of the designed object. The contents of the section are specific to the requirements set to designing objects in a particular branch of industry or to the parameters of civic objects.

The ООС materials should include the statement that the approved project decisions meet the current environmental protection norms; they should also confirm the ecological safety of the intended business activities or prove that the level of environmental impact is allowable, and specify the results received.

Construction Management Plan ( ПОС )

While organizing construction works, the following should be provided for:

coordinated work of all the participants of construction, with their activities coordinated by the general contractor whose decisions on matters related to fulfilling the approved plans and schedules of work are compulsory for all the participants independent of which authorities/ministry they report to;

complete supply of material resources designated for the building, a facility, a unit, a section, a storey, a level or a room, within the time terms set out in the timetables and schedules of works;

completion of construction, installation and special construction works in compliance with the technological sequence and the technically valid combination of works;

observation of safety rules;

observation of natural environment protection requirements.

The Construction Management Plan includes:

1) construction timetable;

2) construction general layouts;

3) organizational and technological diagrams, with the technological sequence of works specified;

4) statement of core construction, installation and special construction works volumes;

5) statement of needs for construction units, materials and equipment, with distribution across the scheduled construction periods;

6) schedule of needs for the core construction machines and transport;

7) schedule of human resources needs, by core categories of personnel;

8) explanatory note.

Method Statement ( ППР )

According to the requirements listed in СНиП 3.01.01-85 “Organising Construction Works”, construction of each object is only allowed on the basis of pre-designed solutions regarding the construction arrangements and technology of performing works, which must be approved within the Construction Management Plan ( ПОС ) and in the Method Statement ( ППР ). These rules forbid construction and installation works without those plans approved. Besides, the Method Statement must be handed over to the construction site 2 months prior to the works for which the plan was made. This is especially important for objects built with tower cranes.

Underestimation of the necessity and importance of a comprehensive Works Execution Plan, done with regard to the construction general layout, construction and installation works technology and quality and safety requirements often results in emergency and conflict situations, consumption of excess resources, prolongation of construction terms and cost increase.

The Method Statement solutions are based on:

- Construction Management Plan ( ПОС ) – the essential working documentation;
- materials and results of the technical examination of the buildings and facilities which are due to be reconstructed and are in use, as well as requirements to construction works performance in the conditions of active production;
- the current mechanization resources of the organization;
- specific construction conditions related to the emergence of zones with permanent or potential production hazards.

The Method Statement ( ППР ) for construction of a building, a facility or its part includes:

- timetable of producing works at the object;
- construction general layout ;
- technological maps ( diagrams ) with re - usable documentation involved ;
- safety solutions as described in СНиП Ш -4-80 and СНиП 12-03-99 ;
- lists of technological implements and installation auxiliaries, as well as load strapping schemes.

Traffic Management Plan ( ПОД )

The Traffic Management Plan is an integral part of design documentation on any type of works related to amending the automobile transport and pedestrian traffic:
- construction, repair, reconstruction and exploitation of industrial and civil engineering objects, roads and engineering facilities;

- utilities laying;
- parking lots construction;
- construction and exploitation of petrol stations and other automobile service objects.


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