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  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Design and technological solutions
  • Engineering networks and systems
  • Planning document
  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures
  • Design and survey work
  • Estimates and construction organization design Special sections of project documentation : EIA ,
  • Environmental protection, civil defense and emergencies .
  • Technological design

Core services

  Architectural and construction solutions
• Design and technology solutions
• Engineering networks and systems
• Town-planning documentation
• Technical examination of buildings, design and research
• Cost estimate documentation and construction arrangements planning
• Special sections of design documentation: ОВОС, ООС, ГО and ЧС

MUS FortMaster Design Company provides comprehensive design of all types of residential and public buildings of any degree of complexity, works on equipping them with modern technology, and offers comprehensive design and research in drafting town-planning documentation, including local neighbourhood planning projects.

The Company completes all stages of drafting design documentation:

•  Detailed neighbourhood and industrial complexes planning projects (see details at www.gen-plan.ru)

•  architectural and construction sections of the project;

•  technological part of the project;

•  complex engineering networks and related constructions;

•  heating and air-conditioning systems, ventilation design;

•  electricity supply and electric equipment systems;

•  fire safety systems ;

•  low-current systems ;

•  construction management plan ( ПОС);

•  construction cost estimates;

•  special sections of design documentation: ОВОС , ООС , ГО and ЧС .

MUS FortMaster Design Company architectural workshops provide design of:

Residential buildings and hotels:

  1. high-rise
  2. low-rise
  3. cottages and townhouses (comprehensive design of high-density cottage groups with developed infrastructure (see details at www.fortmaster-project.ru))

Civic buildings and facilities :

  1. Multi-functional facilities, with different numbers of storeys and various functions.
  2. Sports facilities (stadiums, swimming-pools etc)
  3. Entertainment facilities (theatres, cinema-houses, concert halls etc)
  4. Commercial facilities (retail centers, department stores, wholesale logistics centres)
  5. Utility and warehouse facilities (terminals, warehouses, complex facilities etc)

Alongside drafting construction design and cost estimate documentation and designing buildings in general, the Company offers the following services:

•  feasibility studies for project placement;

•  comprehensive economic assessment of the building plot for construction design purposes;

•  examination and assessment of the technical status of buildings and facilities;

•  drafting exploratory proposals, getting them further reconciled and approved;

•  performs the functions of the general designer and the construction developer;

•  observation of work and technical supervision, as well as technical support on the design stage.

All design stages are provided, from exploratory proposals to detailed design, both independently and in cooperation with other design companies Adjustment and customization of design documentation are provided in cooperation with the representatives of companies from Turkey , Great Britain , Germany and the USA .


activity of the company is insured on 500 million rubles
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Our Projects

Our customers

  • district administrations , prefectures ;
  • Construction and operating functions of the customer ;
  • Development companies ;
  • Marketing agencies ;
  • Individual developers ;
  • Architectural offices and other companies operating in the field of architecture .

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